So what next?

So besides setting up this blog, and putting the Frappr map together, what else am I doing?

  • I am trying to set up a reunion wiki. Currently, I am wrestling with some configuration issues, but hope to have them worked out soon. A wiki will allow anyone from the class to post pages about themselves, or about our time at MHS, or even about possible get togethers for our 30th reunion this summer.
  • I’m scanning some pictures. You may recall that I spent a lot of time at MHS with a camera (or three) around my neck. A few years back, I got tired of having a box full of negatives in my basement that I never looked at. So I gave them to Jennifer Mantooth at MHS — who has graciously offered to let me “borrow” them back. I’m trying to figure out how to scan some of them (there are, by my estimate, more than 5,000 images, mostly taken for the yearbook). Anyone who has a film scanner and an interest in scanning some of these, please drop me a line.
  • I’m looking for ideas. There’s a limit to how much time I can put into this effort. Any ideas, or any volunteers to help, are welcome.

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