Don’t make me do this…

…(all by myself, that is).

What I mean by that is this: anyone who wishes to should be able to make comments on this blog. At least, that’s how I’ve configured it — if I figured it out right.

Which is debatable.

In any event, the point of this blog is to encourage discussion amongst our class members, even if they don’t belong to,, or any of the other “pay to play” sites which promote class togetherness at a price.

Now, don’t get me wrong — I may still have socialist leanings, but I am not against people making an honest dollar. And those sites have helped me contact a number of you.

Heck, I’m even a paid up member of Classmates!

But this site is intended as a free, non-profit (actually, something of a loss) alternative to those sites, for everyone and anyone who attended MHS and graduated in or about 1976 and would like to contact old friends.

We may even get around to having a reunion.

So chime in from time to time — just use the comment links/buttons, and have fun.

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