Make a list!

“Homework” might not have been very important at Mariner High School (or was it just me?) but I need y’all to do some homework tonight.

I want you all to make a list. A list of the five people you’d most like to see at the 30th reunion.

I don’t care what your reasons are.

  • maybe you want to see if anyone’s hairline has receded more than yours (here’s a hint: mine has)
  • maybe you want to see if anyone got fat (here’s a hint: I did)
  • maybe you want to see one of the class overachievers end up a trout bum (here’s a hint: oh, wait — I was never an overachiever!)
  • maybe you just want to see a long lost friend (here’s a hint: they probably want to see you, too).

OK — you’ve all probably thought up your list. Right?

Now, instead of mailing it to me, I want you to do the following: find out where those five people are. Maybe you even already know.

Contact them. Invite them. Tell them to visit this page.

That’s how it works.

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