Make another list — 10 “must hear” songs for the reunion

If you’re like me, music was an important part of being in high school. Songs we listened to back then, for most of us, hold a special place in our memories.

What songs absolutely must be played at the 30 year reunion? Not necessarily songs that were popular in our senior year, but songs which bring back memories of your high school years.

And why are the songs special?

Here’s my list.

  1. The Boys are Back in Town” — Thin Lizzy. This was practically an unofficial theme song for Ozie Greene, Brad Meacham, and I. We’d play it loud in Brad’s old Impala, no matter where we were driving.
  2. Walk This Way” — Aerosmith. Ditto above.
  3. Living in the Past” — Jethro Tull. Hey — I had a thing for flute music.
  4. Hejira” — Joni Mitchell. The album came out our senior year. I don’t recall listening to it in high school, but in the years since, I’ve probably worn out more copies of this album than any other album I own.
  5. Watching the Detectives” — Elvis Costello. Dave Austin introduced me to a lot of good music (he had — and as recently as 2003, when we last met — continues to have — mostly — good taste in music). Most importantly he turned me on to Elvis Costello. I’ve seen EC live nine times since then. It will be ten times once I see him in Woodinville on June 25 of this year.
  6. Reeling in the Years” — Steely Dan. There were lots of great Steely Dan songs, and they seemed so deep at the time. I don’t remember what seemed so deep, anymore, but I do remember spending hours in the graphic arts lab, discussing the merits of the band with Gary Campbell.
  7. Stranglehold” — Ted Nugent. What can I say? He’s the ‘Nuge! I may think he’s a kook these days, but the boy could play guitar, and on long trips across the desert, I still turn him up ’til my ears begin to bleed.
  8. Tired of Being Alone” — Al Green. I spent some of the best days of my childhood hanging out with Ozie and Brad, often up at Ozie’s house. Motown music was often on the stereo there, and much of it imprinted itself on me for life. Al Green practically sang the soundtrack to my wife and I’s early years together, so how could I not put him on the list?
  9. I’d Love to Change the World” –Ten Years After. First of all, I would. Maybe now more than ever. Plus, I always sort of idolized Doug King, a friend from the class of 1974(?) who was really into Ten Years After and Alvin Lee.
  10. For What It’s Worth” — Buffalo Springfield. “What a field day for the heat — must be a thousand people in the street…” If you were a self-fashioned student radical wanna-be, you had to like this song. I was, and I did. Still do.

OK, so I’m expecting some push-back on this list, folks. Use the “comment” feature to add your own.

Otherwise, be forewarned — I’ve got an iPod, and have all these songs (and a couple thousand more) on it, ready to be played at the reunion. If you want to hear your favorite, you’re going to have to list it!


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