Want to Volunteer? Here’s a List of Ways You can Help!

Want to help out for the big reunion? Here’s a list of things we know we need help with. If you see something on the list you’d like to help with, send me an e-mail, or better yet, add a comment to this post.

See something we’ve overlooked? Let us know that, too!

Trust me — you don’t want me to organize the picnic activities…see what I mean?

Scott Butner -- Pacifist
List Of Things That Need to Be Done

  • “Costco Run” — we need someone to pick up picnic essentials prior to Sunday’s get-together:
    • napkins (linen would be nice, but we’ll settle for paper)
    • paper or plastic cups
    • soda pop (I don’t dare use the southern “Cokes” for a class that gradudated in the 70’s)
    • bottled water
    • ice
    • a collection of simple, traditional side dishes (e.g., cole slaw, pasta salad, potato salad, or Yataklete Kilkil — Ethiopian Vegetables With Garlic and Ginger)
  • Have an ice chest? We could use a few to hold the sodas, water, and don’t forget that Yataklete Kilkil!
  • Publicity! We are in The Herald’s announcement section, but perhaps someone local to the area could see to getting us placed in some of the other local newspapers, cable TV, etc? If you’re willing to lead a publicity effort, let us know.
  • On-site activities. We are not planning much — hopefully simply seeing each other again and laughing at Scott’s ever-expanding waistline will provide entertainment enough. But if someone wants to help organize a Trivia contest, or perhaps a slide show, etc — let us know.
  • Signage. We need someone to make a banner (something to the effect of “MHS Class of 1976 Reunion” — or something equally creative) and some signs to let people know they’re in the right place.
  • Sports equipment. You know — volleyball or badmitton net/equipment, yard darts, frisbees, unicycles….). Oh, and by the way — several of our classmates (Ozie Greene, Kevin Hayes, Brian Zelmer, and Dave Van Beek, to name a few) are firefighters, so there will be plenty of paramedic training onsite for those who overexert!
  • Music. Some period music would be nice, if we can get away with it (we still don’t know). If you might be willing to provide an amp and some speakers, we can go the iPod route.
  • Baby Sitter(s). At our ages, perhaps not many of us have kids who need to be watched over — well, at least not by a babysitter. But a few people get late starts on having kids, and many of us have grandkids. So if someone wants to organize a small child-safe area (you know — a few toys, a responsible teenager to supervise, some concertina wire…) that would be a very, um…progressive! thing to do.

That’s about it for now. If you have interest in helping — in any of these categories, or any other way — let us know.


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