Friday Night (July 14) at the Oxford Saloon??

Heard from Dave Cernich today — he’s trying to get a fix on how many people might show up for a Friday night dancing/beer/good times get together at the Oxford Saloon, which sound slike a funky little place in beautiful downtown Snohomish. The where would be 913 First Street, Snohomish, WA. That would be Friday night, July 14 — when the band is supposed to be these guys (Miles from Chicago):

don't know what their music sounds like, but they have nice T-shirts...

Now, as if what the band (who describe themselves as “… a high-energy dance band that knows how to have fun!”) sounds like makes a whit of difference for a gathering with old (really, really old!) friends, you can hear them on their mySpace site.

Now, this is mySpace — so remember, stay away from the 21 year old surf punk from Encinitas who wants to chat. She’s more than likely to be your 16 year old daughter in real life….

Oh, and while you are hanging around with the teens at mySpace, be sure to check out “Mighty Aphrodite” — these demos were recorded right here in the Butner basement, by my son Sean and his friends (Sean provided the sound engineering — the lyrical hilarity and sweet guitar playing are courtesy of the band).

So, anyway — I digress again — if you are interested in getting together w/ friends at the Oxford on Friday, please e-mail Dave Cernich, or post a comment on this post.

I’m not normally a tavern kind of a guy, but from the reviews I’ve read and everythigng else I can find, the Oxford looks like a real fun place. If you go, be sure to wear a whalebone in your hair, so that people will recognize you as a former Maurader…

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