Where are they now bonus post — Kristi (Holtgeerts) Rosenberger

One of the best parts of helping to organize this reunion is the chance to get re-aquainted — or in some cases, acquainted for the first time — with some of you via e-mail. I am finding out all sorts of things I wish I’d known in high school — like that Kristi Holtgeerts is a fisherperson!

Kristi and husband Jim

Kristi and her husband Jim coach youth sports, volunteer in the Mukilteo School District, their church, the local YMCA and Kristi is also a campfire leader. Oh, and they’ve raised two sons, including one who is apparently a trout-bum in the making. Which, in my opinion, is quite a noble aspiration.

Kristi is blessed to have remained in the Mukilteo community, I fell in love with my wife on the Mukilteo ferry...and still sees or hears from many of our classmates regularly. I’ve probably spent more time “talking” to Kristi (via e-mail) in the past week than I did in four years of high school….which goes to show that 30 years does a lot to break down old barriers, and open up new friendships.

Keep that in mind when you are deciding about whether to come to the reunion or not. You might be surprised by old friends that you’ve really just met for the first time!


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