Where are they now — Catherine (Brandenburg) High

I love Google. No two ways about it.

So, this afternoon, Catherine Brandenburg posted herself on the Frappr Map of our class. Included a nice picture of her acting as chaperone on a trip to Mt. Vernon (”…George Washington’s home, not that tulip festival place” adds Catherine)
Catherine (Brandenburg) High

So I decided to see what sort of fingerprints she’d left on Google — especially since she said she’s a writer, I figured there must be SOMETHING on Google about her or by her.

And I found a nice little gem, from the Detroit Free Press back in 2003, concerning Catherine’s little project to do a “Trading Spaces” type make-over for her neighbor’s house (btw, I wish I had neighbors like that!).

Problem was, the DFP no longer has the article online.

But you know what? Google does. Here’s the link.

For those who’d rather just read the excerpt, here it is…

“The shows give people inspiration,” says Catherine High of Bothell, Wash., who surprised her friend Cathy Webb with the gift of a living room and kitchen makeover last Christmas. “You think, ‘If they can do it, why can’t I? These things are possible, and they don’t have to cost a lot of money.’ ”

Of course, “when something goes wrong on the shows, there’s something that’s morbidly fascinating about it,” High admitted. “I sure wouldn’t want to live in some of those spaces.”

Beyond that, Catherine tells me that she’s recently “retired” (”yes, that’s a euphemism” she adds) from the software industry, where she had been a technical writer.  She spends her retirement — and her stock options — in Bothell, where she gardens, raises her two children, and is hoping to become a published author of children’s books.

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