Where are they now — Me!

And why the hell not?!? It’s my web site, after all!

So, to answer the question that nearly everyone who knew me in high school eventually asks: yes, I still do some photography. Though not as much as I used to, and frankly, not with the same passion I once did.

Instead, I have other hobbies these days — none as all-consuming as photography once was, but then again, having a family will change those priorities.

Mostly, what I do is fish:

me, nattily attired, as usual
I spend as many days as possible “borrowing” my brother Bill’s 17 foot Hyde drift boat, and floating down the Yakima Canyon between Ellensburg and Selah. Most years, I manage to get in 40 or so trips, or about once a week between February and November (I fish less often in the winter, but still head up there). And I enjoy writing about fly fishing.

So much so, I’ve earned a nick name: “The King of Milepost 19.” Go ahead — Google it. You’ll see!

When I am not fishing, or writing about fishing, or tying flies, or talking about fishing with my co-workers, I am usually either at work, or at home, working in the garden. I work at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, a large research lab back near the Hanford site in eastern Washington. I’ve worked on lots of stuff there — I originally started here in the mid-80’s working on renewable biofuels and coal conversion technology, but have spent much of the time since then developing software that helps people make better environmental decisions (I am especially interested in applying these ideas to the design of new products and processes).

These days, most of my work revolves around the so-called “Semantic Web” but since much of that work is done for the Department of Homeland Security, I don’t get to publish very much of it. Still, it’s interesting work, and more than enough to keep me busy for the next 10-15 years until I retire.

I’m also coming to terms with being a near-empty nester: my oldest son, Ryan, has just recently moved to the University of Washington as a junior transfer student, majoring in International Studies/China Studies; my youngest son, Sean, is heading east in September to attend Thomas More College, a very small Catholic school (100 students), where he will be one of about 10 students who aren’t Catholic (he says he’s leaning towards Hindu).  He plans to get a degree in English Lit or Political Science, and then maybe law school.

Not an engineer among the bunch!

My wife, Laura (a 1977 graduate of Everett High School), and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary this year — we’ve been together nearly 30 years! — but it looks like we’ll be doing it by ourselves, which is both exciting and sad.  Whatever it is, it will be an adventure.


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