Where are they now — Zoe (Leonard) Acheson

Remember Zoe?

(Hint: Zoe’s the one on the right*).

Zoe was one of the first people to contact me via the Classmates site, when I started getting interested in the reunion. Her encouragement helped push me over the edge, actually — though in all fairness, I was teetering as it was.

Anyway, Zoe has this to say about her life these days:

I work for University of Phoenix as an academic counselor. I am back at school getting the rest of my master’s credit so I can apply for the Arizona Licensed Professional Counselor certification. I have been working in the counseling field for 15 years as the director of a non-profit agency.
I had five children. I know, wow…The oldest, Justin is a captain in the air force (and single) he is a navigator and loves to fly. My eldest daughter lives on Camano Island and has just graduated from ASU in criminal justice. She also gave me a grand-daughter a year ago. She did me the greatest honor and named her Zoey Violet.  Levi is my 6′ 4 inch 14 year old;  Abigail is my strikingly gorgeous 12 year-old, and finally Samuel is my sweet six year-old who weighed 11 lbs 5 oz at birth.
Here are some pictures:

Zoe is planning on flying up from Arizona for the reunion, so we should expect to see her at one or more of the events.

I’m sure she’ll have more pictures of her granddaughter to share. ;)


* historical footnote: that’s Dave Austin on the left, though he’ll have to send me his bio data from China (where he is currently away on business) before he gets his own “Where are they now”

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