Where are they now — Dave Van Beek

Dave and I both went to Olivia Park Elementary together — if memory serves correctly, he was one of the other “A/V boys” (I think it was mostly boys, back then) — you know, the kids who skipped out of class to set up projectors, audio equipment, and the like.

These days, those same kids would be rebooting computers and showing teachers how to make the DVD player stop blinking “12:00.”

You know — like this:

Well, I don’t have a picture of Dave handy — not a recent one, anyway.  But I do know that he was named “Firefighter of the Year” by the Marysville City Council earlier this year, which is a neat accomplishment.

Like a blinking 12:00, I’ve heard from Dave off and on since graduation — more off than on,  but still, it’s always nice to reconnect.  Hopefully he’ll be at the reunion.

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