Where are they now — Donna Penz

OK, this one was just too darn easy — even at 3:30 in the morning (I really do need for this reunion to get over with, so I can stop spending my waking hours tracking you people down! :) ).

It should come as no surprise that the less common a last name, the easier it is to track someone down. It also helps if you look at least something like you did when you were in high school.

Well, Donna fits the bill. Add to the fact that she is shown at a Science Fiction Trivia Contest (shown here as the reigning champion — a victory for us fellow nerds everywhere!) and it’s practically a no brainer:

Donna is the reference librarian (hey! I could use her help tracking some of you down!) at the West Atlantic Avenue Branch Palm Beach County Library System. Actually from what I can tell through her many posts on library list servers, Donna has perhaps one of the cooler jobs of anyone I’ve run across so far — tracking down obscure pieces of information about all nature of things.

If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing — which isn’t that much different — that would be a cool way to make a living.

Although — quite honesty? — having to be an expert on Harry Potter, as Donna apparently is, might be enough to scare me away…. ;)

In any event, that makes two of our classmates in South Florida (Sharon Verg Johnson is the other). .

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