Where he at — Kevin “Purple” Hayes

See, I told you guys that this is a lot easier when you simply write this stuff yourselves!

for me, anyway. ;)
My old yearbook pal Kevin Hayes has anted up the following:

Might as well add my life story. I can’t stay in the witness protection program forever! J

So…after High School and a very brief run at Everett Community College I continued with photography and firefighting – sometimes at the same time, but never at the cost of someone’s life or property.

I worked for a few years at the Everett Herald, and then the Seattle Times as a photojournalist. I also did what was called ‘stringer’ work (paid part-time) for Associated Press and United Press International as well during that time – mostly to get into local sporting events (Scott – remember the Seahwaks game with the AP Press Passes?). I won several awards and have been published in numerous trade journals, newspapers and magazines. Anyone remember the flood of 1977 around the Snohomish Valley? I won the prestigious Sigma Delta Chi award for spot news from the Society of Professional Journalist for my flood coverage – that was a career high for me.

I had been a volunteer/part-paid firefighter with Snohomish County Fire District 1, serving along side with Brian Zelmer as night duty aid personnel; since 1976 and still had not yet decided if I wanted to be a firefighter or a police officer when I grew up. In 1979 I decided to test with both fire and police agencies and whoever called me first, got me! Well in June of 1979 Boeing Fire Department called me one day before the Seattle Police Department and I’ve been with Boeing Fire ever since. I currently hold the rank of Captain.

My duties are unique for our department. I do IT and web systems — (internal and external http://www.boeing.com/fire) development and masterminded the on-line training system that we currently use to verify our firefighters, like Ozie Green; are still learning, retaining knowledge and legally capable at provide emergency services to our customers. I am also responsible for our rescue boat program in Renton, supporting international fire prevention issues as well as providing assistance with hands on training in Puget Sound. I stay insanely busy!

As weirdness would have it, I still wanted to be a police officer and decided that being a volunteer firefighter and a paid firefighter was a bit of a professional overkill so I quit my volunteer firefighter duties and in 1981 strapped on the badge and uniform of the Everett Police Department as a reserve officer. I had the distinct honor to assist with Sergeant Butner’s memorial services, and ferried many distraught department members from the Son’s of Norway Hall in Everett to their homes. I stayed with Everett for 10 years and when an option for retirement came about, I retired at the rank of Sergeant.

I was briefly married in the mid 80’s and from that un-holy union (long story) my son was born – Scotty. Scotty, who turned 23 this year; works for Ram Technologies in Mukilteo and I see him as often as two busy schedules allow. He’s a wonderful young man and to date has simply avoided all the trouble I seemed to get myself into while growing up.

I am single and live out by Granite Falls in a gated community called Rainbow Springs with my 1 year old French Mastiff name Huey. We live right on a private lake where the bass are so huge ducklings don’t last but a few days after hatching and Mergansers can’t choke the bass down! J

Two years ago I finally finished college and attained my Bachelors of Science in Business Management from the University of Phoenix. I am toying with the idea of going back and getting a masters….toying is the key word here folks! I’m not sure I want to devote another 2 years to go to work, come home, pet the dog, read the mail, do homework or go to class, eat dinner, do homework or go to class, go to bed and then get up and do it all over again.

My current hobbies are my motorcycle, Huey, relearning parliamentarianism as the newly appointed President of our community association, movies, cooking, home improvement, computers and web development, and graphic design.

My High School nickname, bestowed upon me by Mike Smoody and Joe Little; has continued on and ‘Purple Hayes’ (‘Purple’ for short) will get my attention just as easily as using my real name.

Well, in the “ya (re)learn something new every day!” department, I had forgotten completely that Kevin was involved with my mom’s (the aforementioned Sergeant Butner — she had nearly 20 years service on the Everett PD) memorial services.

Kevin, I’ll buy your first beer at the Diamond Knot on Saturday.


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