Where are they now twofer — Judi and Juli Hallenbeck

One of the things I always look for in the mail, around Christmas time, is a card from Judi Hallenbeck. For many, if not most, of the past 30 years I haven’t been disappointed.

Today, Judi sent me an e-mail, providing a bit of an update for this site. That was a real treat, because it helped fill in the gaps that just don’t make it onto the Christmas cards. Besides, she included a recent picture of her with her twin sister, Juli (they’re both still cute as buttons, but don’t tell Judi I said so).

Juli on the left, Judi on the right.  In high school, I couldn't always tell them apart!

Here’s what she has to say:

So, yes I am really into Scottish Dancing, Scottish Country Dancing in particular. Juli and I founded the Skagit Scottish Country Dancers club based in Anacortes about 13 years ago. I became a certified RSCDS, (Royal Scottish Country Dance Society), instructor about 7 years ago. I started teaching classes in Skagit, and now do so in Houston.

Through our group Juli and I organized serveral Midsummer Masquerade (Scottish Country Dance) Balls. We had lots of fun with the group over the years. One event we co-chaired about 5 years ago was a Christmas dance where I met Jim Fraser, (yes, he’s originally from Scotland), my S.O.S.,
(Significant-Other-Sweetie). He was working in Port Townsend over the next year for his company in Houston, Texas. A couple years later we decided I should move to Houston, which I did in 2003. I’m working here as a graphic designer.

Houston is not a city I would choose to move to although it is very green compared to other Texas cities. Jim is the only reason I am here. I don’t care for Houston: the traffic drives me crazy, its HOT and HUMID, mosquitoes are fierce, its FLAT and I could go on!!! But our little bit of Houston is quite pleasant.

Judi’s twin sister, Juli, was always a bit more shy, as I recall. But they were both sweeties, and they lived with their sister Mary and brother-in-law Everett, just down the street from my good friend Keith Knol. Keith and I spent a fair amount of time there, but mostly rummaging through old electronics parts that Everett would let us salvage. Later, when we were at Mariner, Judi and I spent a lot of time working on the yearbook together, and of course, hanging out with Ozie Greene.

Anyway, I digress. I was going to let Judi tell you about Juli:

Juli still has a little house in Oak Harbor which she is in the process of fixing up to sell. She recently remarried, (last fall), a man named Don Johnson who lives in Kent. Other than a horrible commute to Anacortes for work (as an illustrator) she seems quite happy. I miss her terribly as well as the rest of my family and friends.

Here’s another picture of Juli, from the Scotish Dance group’s web site:

Juli is the one without the beard

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