Where are they now –Venecom Griffin

Precious little information about Venecom online, and the anti-spam features of his e-mail account seem to keep me from reaching him that way.

But there’s no question that this is the Venecom we grew up with, all grown up himself.  The photo is courtesy of the Trout Unlimited web site – Venecom being the president of the Bremerton chapter.

Well, being a trout fisherman myself — a pretty fanatical one! — I know that TU does some great work on habitat protection and restoration.

I also noticed, while looking for more info about Venecom, that there was a “Venecom Griffin” on the honor roll of Central Kitsap Junior High last year.  So unless Venecom decided to go back to 8th grade , sounds like there’s a little Venecom about, as well.

Hopefully Mr. Griffin shows up for the reunion.  I need to have at least ONE person who doesn’t mind listening to fishing stories….


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