Where is Sharon (Verg) Johnson?

One of the best parts of helping to organize this reunion has been the opportunity to reconnect with old friends.  And one of the first people I reconnected with — dating back a couple of years, now, via Classmates — is Sharon (Verg) Johnson.

Sharon and I have emailed each other once or twice since high school — and once, a long time ago, even had a couple of iced teas together in Miami, when I was in the city on business and had looked her up.

But this time around, we’ve had a chance to talk quite a bit more, and I’ve enjoyed it greatly. I’ve also greatly appreciated Sharon’s generosity — here’s a woman who survived not one, but two hurricanes last year, and yet has still taken an active role in organizing the reunion, and fronted the money for the catered food at the picnic on Sunday, July 16.

I nagged Sharon to send us an update, and here’s what she had to say for herself:

 Moved to Miami and went to Technical School.

Became a  Medical Technologist – first worked on animals them moved to people for more money.  (The quality of patient definitely diminished in that move.)

Worked for Coulter Corporation in various Hematology functions for 15 years until the privately owned company was bought out by Beckman, and became Beckman Coulter in 1998.  Max still at Beckman Coulter.

I met Max at Coulter Corporation and had the good sense to say “YES!” when he asked me to marry him.  I married Max Johnson 7/23/1988 in beautiful Sibley, Iowa.

I'm guessing that's not Sibley, Iowa in the background...

Finally finished my BS in 1993 at Nova Southeastern University.

We moved to Salt Lake City in 1993.  It turned out to be a bad move- but we did learn to brew beer there.

We moved to Battle Ground, WA in 1997. That turned out to be a good move, but at the wrong time — the economy was bad at the time.

Finally, we moved back to Miami in 2002.  The jury is still out on that one – however we finally hit the housing boom at the right time.

My job is as the Director of Laboratory Operations for Quest Diagnostics.  I run two excellent, high volume, clinical laboratories in South Florida.  I also chair the team that decides Hematology Best practices for the company.   Love the company – hate my commute!  I drive 140 miles roundtrip from my home in SOUTH Miami-Dade County to the Northern edge of Broward county at least 2 times a week.  My alternate office is still a 76 miles round trip from home.

Must be mid-life crisis – but I just traded the Black Volvo Station Wagon (soccer mom-style) for a Bright Orange Mini Cooper convertible.  Now I enjoy the commute much more…

Earned my Six Sigma Green Belt (Quality Improvement) certification (yes, I truly am a nerd.)

I am in the process of earning my MBA at University of Miami.  I really like being back in school, and I am enjoying the environment.

We share our home with three dogs ranging from 18 to 96 pounds. Our adopted dogs include a Black lab, a malamute, and a terrier mix. They definitely have the clout in this relationship.

We just bought property in Ocean Shores, WA and someday hope to move back to the Northwest FOR GOOD! We love the climate (both political and weather wise), the people, and the wines!

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