Representing for the Chemical Engineers — Ron Reis

If memory serves properly, Ron Reis got his Chemical Engineering degree from WSU — great degree…

Great degree. yup. those chemical engineers know their stuff.

well, heck — I’ll let him tell his own dang story (via Keith Lawler)!

Here’s my brief history of the last 25+ years:

While coaching youth soccer I was introduced to a beautiful friend of a soccer mom, who I married in 1989. Julia and I have three great kids (doesn’t everyone say this, even about their teenagers). Danny is 15, Lindsay is 14 and McKenna is 10. (Picture of us on the Space Needle this past month attached, something my oldest daughter always wanted to visit).

Some of you may remember that Chevron took me to California. After 12 years I left to join an environmental services company running projects and the operation’s crew. We re-aligned it for sale and I took a position in engineering with a Moses Lake chemical company that refined silicon for computer chips. By 2001 they divested that site and I moved to their other site in Montana. The circle of work is unbroken as the Montana site was bought out by a Norwegian firm (Renewable Energy Corporation) this last summer, the same company that had bought the Moses Lake site. They refine silicon for photovoltaic energy cells. They kept me on in my role as Director of Technology and Quality, and now we’re headed back to Moses Lake.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone else, and seeing you all soon.


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