Where are they now — Keith Lawler

My most lasting impression of Keith Lawler is this:


And landing. hard. on my butt.

OK, let’s back up a few steps. Because that’s where it started…a few steps back.
I haven’t always been the rotund computer jockey I am today. I’ve never been thin, but there was a time, during high school, when I hiked, and biked, and could even sort of keep up with the likes of legendary hikers like Keith Knol and Keith Lawler.

Which brings us to a descent from a ridge in the Cascades somewhere, dropping into a small mountain lake that I, and the two Keiths, were making our base for an overnight trip.

Rounding a cluster of scrub pines, the first of our party (I think it was…Keith) suddenly let out a “whoop!” and vanished from sight. Then the next (that may have been Keith, also). Finally, it was my turn.

One by one, we hit a muddy patch on the “trail” and slid onto our behinds, and continued sliding over a small drop onto a ledge several feet below. No one was hurt, but for some reason that trip made as colorful an impression on my mind as the rocks did on my ass.

Well, I have since drifted away from the trail heads, gravitating (with considerably more gravitas, I might add) towards the boat launches.

But “the Keiths” both continue to log the miles on the trails, and stay in good shape.

Here’s Mr. Lawler then (actually this was taken at a WSU function in 1978):

that's keith on the left...

And here he is now:

and that's him on the RIGHT!

Here’s what he has to say:

We’ve lived in Port Angeles going on 14 years now. After graduating from WSU with an engineering degree, I spent some time working for Chevron in the oil fields near Bakersfield, CA.

These days, I work for a small industrial dewatering Company called “FKC Screw Press,” where I am the Engineering Manager/ V. President. I get to travel all over N. America and sometimes overseas, Spain, New Zealand, Japan, and S. America.

From the Frappr “Map of the Class of ‘76″ web site:

I keep busy traveling for work, making home brew, bee keeping, fishing, and backpacking.

Based on the pictures that Keith has sent me, he also does a lot of hunting and fishing. Keith has sent me a few notes bringing me up to speed on his activities these days; we haven’t been in touch for years, but anyone who offers to take me fishing on the Elwah River (as he has) will find a place on my Christmas Card list for years to come.

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