Where are they now — Daneen Dustin

When I first set up the Frappr Map of the Mariner High Class of 1976 (which shows the current location of quite a few of our classmates, as well as pictures and text from quite a few as well), Daneen was one of the first people to put her pin on the map.

She was practically a neighbor, just a ways down SR 12, in Lewiston, Idaho.

But while I remembered her name, I could not for the life of me conjure up a face in my fading middle-aged memory. So I did what anyone would do, and went to the yearbook.

No senior picture.

No junior picture.

Heck, I couldn’t find a picture at all.

But as shy of the camera as she appeared to be in high school, she doesn’t seem to be nowadays! Daneen has been very generous in posting pictures of her and her family on the Frappr site. Here’s a couple of Daneen:

Daneen on the Snake River near Lewiston, ID

Daneen goes looking for the guy who frosted her hair...

Daneen in Reno.

Hmmmm…at the risk of getting slugged by my wife, you think I’d have remembered. :)

She was also kind enough to provide an update on her life:

In 1983 I moved to Alaska with my three children. I raised them there for 14 years and then moved to Wallace, Idaho. In 1997, I moved back to Alaska with my youngest son and by 1999 we came back to Idaho. I now reside in Lewiston Idaho.

The kids and I have so many wonderful memories of Alaska that will stay with us forever. We had the chance at one time to actually live as the pioneers would have and those are some of our fondest memories.

I am a song writer and singer and spent a lot of time singing in Alaska. [editor's note: here's a recording of Daneen singing a song by The Judds] IDaneen and her daughter Taralynn entertain the crowd...well,as crowded as it gets in Alaska sang for the Martin Buser victory parties for the Ididarod, both public and private. Which started me singing for the next few years of victory parties in the Big Lake area. I not only love to write songs but also poetry and am working on getting my first book out, ‘Secret Of The Covenant’. In September of 2005 I went to Reno to receive the Shakespeare Trophy of excellence and Famous Poet for 2005 award. I have always loved to write and sing.

Right now most of my time is spent writing and studying for exams. I am going for my Bachelor’s in Psychology. This is the best time in life to go to school (at least for the learning part *grin*) The greatest part of my life though, since school, I would have to say is the almost 31 years that I have spent with my three children (Taralynn, James, and Daniel) exploring, together, this wonderful life.

Daneen's boys, James and Daniel, in Palmer Alaska, 1984

I have some of my writings on http://daneend.tripod.com. I do hope to see everyone on the next reunion, wish I didn’t miss this one.

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