Where are they now — Judy (Vaders) Lundgren

OK, this is a short post, but that’s OK — here at the MHS Reunion Blog, we’re just glad to get mail that isn’t spam.

Judy Vaders Lundgren is alive and well in Everett — well, Mill Creek, but “back in the day,” that was just another name for south Everett ;) .   Or the suburbs of Bothell.  Somewhere in that basic convergence zone.

Anyway, here’s what Judy has to say:

I’m an Registered Nurse (RN) at Providence hospital in Everett.  I have a 25 year old son and a 21 year old daughter, both are married with babies on the way, my first grandbabies!

My husband, who works for Bartell’s, and I enjoy golfing, tennis, hiking, biking, and working out. We also love to travel. 

I’ve been encouraging Judy to send us a picture — after all, if I can fess up to what I look like after 30 years, anyone can.

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