News from Keith Lawler

From out of Port Angeles comes an e-mail from Keith Lawler, who usually sends me pictures of the salmon, steelhead, deer and elk he’s captured for his apparently well-stocked freezer.

This time, the photos he sent looked more like they were taken IN the freezer, or at least a close facsimile — i.e., the WSU campus in December.

(actually, having made many visits to WSU in the winter — they call upon us UW alumni to help mentor their students so they don’t go TOO far wrong…. ;) — I can tell you that Pullman is often COLDER than my freezer is.  But that’s besides the point).
Like many of our classmates, Keith is full of Cougar Pride.

And now, so is his son, Kurt, who graduated from WSU in December with a degree in Civil Engineering.  After a pretty spectacular looking trip to Chile (if the pictures Keith sent are any indication), Kurt’s out doing the job search thing.

Congratulations to Keith and his wife on the milestone — and of course to Kurt.

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