Anonymous Option for Mailing List

By request of several of you on this mailing list, I am adding a new option for belonging to the MHS Class of 1976 mailing list.

From here on out, you may request to subscribe to the list anonymously.
What this means is  that you will continue to get announcements and late night rambles from yours truly (what would you guys read if I wasn’t an insomniac, anyway?  Viagra ads?), but your name will NOT be listed on the MHS Class of 1976 “found” list or mentioned in any blog posts.

I will continue the practice of periodically sending out the names of the people on this list, because I think it’s a useful tool for keeping my data quality intact.
But you may now request that your name be left off that list, while still being able to get the newsletters.

This is not a huge change in policy, and won’t affect most of you.  As you know, I have always maintained a policy of not sharing e-mail addresses with anybody, in order to protect privacy of  those who subscribe.  This change in policy simply provides an additional level of privacy.

So, if you wish to change  your status to “Anonymous,”  simply drop me an e-mail letting me know that.
Otherwise, because I need to have SOMETHING to write about, I will assume that you don’t mind being mentioned on occasion, unless you tell me otherwise.

As an aside, I am actually hoping that this will encourage a few more people to come out of the woodwork.

Carry on….

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