Who’s in this picture?

Some are bound for happiness,
some are bound to glory
Some are bound to live with less,
who can tell your story?”

Neil Young
See the Sky About to Rain

OK, so I have been sifting through old pictures lately, trying to locate some slides that I took of the original Seattle Sounders playing in Soccer Bowl 1977, against Pele and the Cosmos.   The pictures are going to be up on the Sounders web site soon, if any of you are fans of the new team — and it looks like I’ll be doing some action photos for the team during the upcoming season.

Talk about a flashback!   But it will be a respite from some of my recent photo projects, which you’ll hear more about in the near future.

In the process of digging through these ancient photos I ran across the following photo of the seniors from the 1976 MHS Varsity Football team — and was looking for some help in verifying identities.

So I will send a $10 Starbucks gift card to the first person who sends me an email which correctly identifies, in sequence, all of the individuals in this photo.

(a larger version is available, for those of us with middle aged eyes, on my flickr site — here:  )


Or you can just click on the photo.

You’re welcome to use the yearbook as a mental crutch if you want.  I will admit — not sure if this is a good thing, or a pitiful waste of brain cells — that I was able to name 15 of the 19 without even pausing to think about it, but ran into trouble after that.   I can even tell you stories about most of these guys….some of which just might be true.

In that spirit — a second $10 Starbucks card will be sent to the person who sends me the most entertaining, touching, or humorous story that somehow ties back to this picture, or the people in it.  However, in order to get the prize, you’ll have to agree to let me share your story with everybody else, so if it’s not true, it should at least be a shared delusion.

it was the 70’s.  I think there were a lot of those back then.

back here in the — what ARE we calling this new decade, anyway?  — well, back here in the 21st Century, we may not yet have the jet packs and hover cars we were promised, but we are nonetheless living through interesting times.   And in the “interesting times” category for this mailing, I’ll note that we’ve had a few new people join us — Alise [Fliger] Schmitt; Bethel [Davidson] Hart;  Kim [Koplitz] Summers, and Kathy [Beams] Hinderman.  I’m also “closing in” on a few others, who I’m able to get word to indirectly without actually having them on the list.

Whatever works.

I have lost track of a few people I once had working e-mails for, so if you know how to reach Steward Woods, Scott Larson, or Venecom Griffin please drop me a line, or ask them to contact me directly.   I’d like to update their information on my list.  

I am thrilled to report that there are lots of things happening that DON’T involve my blog site, so if I were to vanish from the face of the earth tomorrow (always a risk with us aliens) there are plenty of other things happening to keep our class in touch.  One of the best is the “Mariner 1970’s Band page” on Facebook — don’t know who put it together, but they did a nice job.   You can visit even if you don’t belong to Facebook:


The new year promises to be an eventful one — lots of new challenges at work and with my photography, and of course I will become a grandfather for the first time this June.   But I am cognizant of the fact that planning for a 35th reunion will also need to begin this year (albeit probably not ’til October), and hope to increase the frequency (and information content) of my posts to you folks in anticipation of that planning.   Trying to help get you in the mood, so to speak.

So expect more posts and more requests for y’all to get involved — stories you tell are the best of all.

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