Mariner High 35th Reunion Update

I’ve been absent from posting on this blog for a long time — just too many things to do!  But it’s time to turn my attention back to the Mariner High Class of 1976 again, and so let’s get first things first:

the 35th anniversary Class reunion?  It ain’t gonna happen.

now, the 36th reunion?  Distinct possibility!

If you’re already on the mailing list, you know this already.  But if you’ve been googling up “Mariner 35th Reunion” and stumbled across this site, then the next few lines are pretty important.

- nobody stepped forward to organize a 35th reunion, so it just didn’t happen.

- With some encouragement from classmates, I have decided to start the planning process for a 36th reunion sometime in spring/summer  2012.   The first step is collecting input from people who are in the class!

- to that end, it would be very helpful if you could take our survey — it should take less than 5 minutes of your time, and will help the organizers immensely.   Here’s the link:

- if you are NOT already on my mailing list, I strongly encourage you to provide your contact information (at least name and e-mail) when you take the survey.  You’ll be added to the notification list for our class.

I will try to post updates on the reunion more frequently this fall and winter, especially as the weather gets too lousy for other activities.  Check back here from time to time — we should have a date and location announced before Thanksgiving 2011.

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