About this blog

If you can’t get the people to the reunion…bring the reunion to the people!

At least, that was the theory.

This blog was set up in early 2006 as a focal point — free and non-commercial — for organizing a 30th class reunion for the Mariner High School Class of 1976.

Looking around in mid-March of 2006, I couldn’t find any traces of a reunion effort underway by others.

It could have been because I’m hopelessly out of the loop — I usually am.

So I started this site.  I wrote some e-mails.  I figured we’d have sort of an online reunion.

But I was lucky enough to get some help from old friends — notably Sharon (Verg) Johnson and Ozie Greene — who helped make a reunion a tangible thing.  With hugs and everything.

I’m not a huggy guy.  But even I got into the act.  Funny how spending 12 of the most formative years of your life with people can alter your perceptions of them so long after you part ways.

That much is history now.  If you were there, you’ve got the memories.  If you missed it, we still have some pictures for you.

One last thing: let me stand on my soapbox for just a moment.  This is a completely non-commercial, non-profit venture. I’m not selling anything. I just thought it would be nice to have a non-commercial alternative to Classmates.com, Reunion.com, and those other sites.  Not that there’s anything wrong with them — I myself have been a subscriber to Classmates from time to time — but I grew frustrated with their limitations and the cost.

I figured if I had, so would others.

So I maintain this site.  It takes up less than 2% of my web space on this account, and as long as it remains a simple, low cost undertaking, I plan to continue running the site as an online gathering spot for the Mariner Class of 1976.  If you have ideas about things you’d like to see here — or maybe you’d like to see yourself here — drop me a line.

I’m open to suggestions, and like it when other people do the writing for me.


Scott Butner (scott_butner@charter.net)
Designated pinhead
MHS Class of 1976