Add yourself to this site!

The reunion may be over, but you can still bring your classmates up to date with what you’re doing these days.

Yes, you, too, can be the subject of a “where are they now??” page!

Drop me an e-mail with as many or as few details as you’d like to share; pictures are especially appreciated. Unless I am incredibly busy, I can usually get them posted within 24 hours.

Send them in the evening, and it’ll likely be just a few hours.

Don’t worry about a few extra pounds, or a little less hair — I mean, have you seen my picture????

My contact information:

Scott Butner
MHS Class of 1976
Richland, WA 99354
There’s already some talk brewing of a 35th anniversary — perhaps this time with an actual organizing committee!

if you’re interested in staying in the loop on this and related developments, drop me a line.