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Anonymous Option for Mailing List

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

By request of several of you on this mailing list, I am adding a new option for belonging to the MHS Class of 1976 mailing list.

From here on out, you may request to subscribe to the list anonymously.
What this means is  that you will continue to get announcements and late night rambles from yours truly (what would you guys read if I wasn’t an insomniac, anyway?  Viagra ads?), but your name will NOT be listed on the MHS Class of 1976 “found” list or mentioned in any blog posts.

I will continue the practice of periodically sending out the names of the people on this list, because I think it’s a useful tool for keeping my data quality intact.
But you may now request that your name be left off that list, while still being able to get the newsletters.

This is not a huge change in policy, and won’t affect most of you.  As you know, I have always maintained a policy of not sharing e-mail addresses with anybody, in order to protect privacy of  those who subscribe.  This change in policy simply provides an additional level of privacy.

So, if you wish to change  your status to “Anonymous,”  simply drop me an e-mail letting me know that.
Otherwise, because I need to have SOMETHING to write about, I will assume that you don’t mind being mentioned on occasion, unless you tell me otherwise.

As an aside, I am actually hoping that this will encourage a few more people to come out of the woodwork.

Carry on….

Another Chance to Meet up with MHS Friends

Monday, March 19th, 2007

Got an e-mail the other day from Jennifer Mantooth, who taught photography at MHS during our junior/senior years there.  These days, she’s still teaching but also helped to set up the Mariner High Alumni Association.

She asked if I’d be willing to pass along the attached invitation to the Mariner Alumni Association 1st Annual Dinner and Auction.  The attached form has all the details, but the key things to remember are (1) it is being held on Saturday, May 5 in the MHS Commons; and (2) the proceeds go to scholarships for MHS students.

After checking out the organization, it seemed like a good cause, so check out the announcement, and hopefully we’ll see you there!

where did the guestbook go?

Sunday, July 23rd, 2006

A few of you might be wondering where the guestbook went (for those who didn’t notice it, you can ignore this).

Unfortunately, the page which allowed people to sign up was being spammed unmercifully by online casinos, which had a software program designed to create entries with links to their casino (they do this in hopes of improving their Google ranking).  I was having to delete 4-5 such entries per day, and in recent days it was getting worse.

Since it was not a real popular feature on the site, I decided to eliminate it.  I may restore it later, but we’ll see.

In the mean time, members of the Class who wish to make their whereabouts known to future reorganizing committee members can simply e-mail their contact info to me.

Looking for an echo…

Saturday, June 24th, 2006

And no, I don’t mean the great doo-wop classic by the Persuasions

Persuasions Chirpin' album cover

One of the reasons I started this site was because I got frustrated by the limitations of Classmates,, etc — great sites for tracking down people, but unless you’re a member, you can’t communicate with one another.

As a barely reformed socialist, that offended my revolutionary senses!

So I started this site to provide a free (to everyone else) site where people interested in the reunion could comment freely, post “hellos” to one another, etc. Without having to sign up or pay a subscription.

Power to the people, man! Viva la revolution!

man, I miss those days….
Anyway, I digress. People ought to be able to participate in the things that matter to them. That’s why every post has a link to a comment section.

I guess what I’m saying is, don’t be afraid to use it!

Let me know I’m not just writing this stuff for my own entertainment (not that it would stop me).


UPDATED!!! MHS Class of 1976 Reunion — July 15/16, 2006

Thursday, June 22nd, 2006

Some changes from my earlier post — I believe that what follows is pretty much final, though.

Two events are planned for the Mariner High School Class of 1976 reunion. These events are planned for July 15-16, 2006 and are described below. My “spies” tell me that Dave Cernich is also planning some sort of Friday evening event for alumni only, but I haven’t heard officially yet. If I can get ahold of Dave, and get some details, I’ll post them here as well.
A word about scheduling: I know this won’t work for everyone, but I’m not sure it’s possible to find a date that does. And lacking some central authority, decisions have to be made….

  • Saturday, July 15. 2 p.m. – ?? There will be an adult (alumni, spouses, significant others, etc) get-together at the Diamond Knot Brewery in scenic downtown Mukilteo. 621 Front Street, Mukilteo, to be precise. I’ve linked to a map here. If you are map-challenged, or just like to talk to people on the phone, you can also call them at (425) 355-4488.
  • Sunday, July 16. 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. or later. Family picnic at Martha Laone of the shelters at Martha Lake Parkke Park just off of 164th near the I-5 exit. A Google Map link is provided here. There is an outdoor shelter that we have reserved, which is suitable for 50 people. Families are welcome. We are having Big Bam’s BBQ cater the event, and are asking for each family that plans on attending to chip in $20. Otherwise, Sharon, Ozie and I will have a LOT of BBQ to eat, and I don’t know about them, but my girlish figure can’t handle it…
  • Sharon was also working on a list of hotels, for those of you travelling from out of town (Sharon herself is flying up from Miami, so probably has the “furthest travelled to get here” prize sewed up, unless Dave Austin (London, England) or John Webber (Germany, last I heard from him) manage to make it. Though Zoe Leonard has indicated she’s planning on coming up from Arizona, so we’ve got some people who are willing to travel a long way to see you!

To date, I have heard from close to 40 people, between the Frappr map and the Classmates site, who are interested in the reunion. Only a few of you have actually let us know whether you plan on attending — so we are hoping that by setting a date we can get some confirmations.

Please, if you have any intention of coming, let us know so we can (1) plan for you, food-wise; (2) plan for you, reservation-wise; and (3) get your thoughts on what, besides food and your fellow classmates, would be nice to have at the reunion.

You can e-mail me, Sharon or Ozie. Alternatively, you can sign the guest register, or just comment on this blog post!

* “we” is mostly Ozie Greene, Sharon Verg, and myself at this point, though we have had offers of help from Alyce Pendell, Kevin Hayes, and several others (my apologies — I am memory challenged when it comes to names…). At this point, we welcome any help anyone wants to provide, but we’ve been best able to accept help from those who simply pick a task and say “I can do this!” — that’s what happens when no one’s really in charge!

Don’t make me do this…

Saturday, June 3rd, 2006

…(all by myself, that is).

What I mean by that is this: anyone who wishes to should be able to make comments on this blog. At least, that’s how I’ve configured it — if I figured it out right.

Which is debatable.

In any event, the point of this blog is to encourage discussion amongst our class members, even if they don’t belong to,, or any of the other “pay to play” sites which promote class togetherness at a price.

Now, don’t get me wrong — I may still have socialist leanings, but I am not against people making an honest dollar. And those sites have helped me contact a number of you.

Heck, I’m even a paid up member of Classmates!

But this site is intended as a free, non-profit (actually, something of a loss) alternative to those sites, for everyone and anyone who attended MHS and graduated in or about 1976 and would like to contact old friends.

We may even get around to having a reunion.

So chime in from time to time — just use the comment links/buttons, and have fun.

he’s b…a…c…k

Saturday, June 3rd, 2006

Sorry for dropping off the face of the planet for the past several weeks, folks. I’ve been travelling a lot for work, and getting ready for TWO graduations: my oldest son Ryan graduates from community college next week (and ships off to UW three days later!), and my youngest son, Sean, graduated from high school last night and will be heading back to a small liberal arts school in New Hampshire in September.

Anyway, I have added a guestbook, and updated the blog just a bit. I also expect to be making a few posts — hopefully with some updated reunion info — over the next week or two.

It’s been encouraging hearing from so many of you, and I’ve been pleased to see how many of you (it’s up to 25 now!!) have added your names and photos to the Frappr Map!

More soon. I promise.


So what next?

Saturday, March 18th, 2006

So besides setting up this blog, and putting the Frappr map together, what else am I doing?

  • I am trying to set up a reunion wiki. Currently, I am wrestling with some configuration issues, but hope to have them worked out soon. A wiki will allow anyone from the class to post pages about themselves, or about our time at MHS, or even about possible get togethers for our 30th reunion this summer.
  • I’m scanning some pictures. You may recall that I spent a lot of time at MHS with a camera (or three) around my neck. A few years back, I got tired of having a box full of negatives in my basement that I never looked at. So I gave them to Jennifer Mantooth at MHS — who has graciously offered to let me “borrow” them back. I’m trying to figure out how to scan some of them (there are, by my estimate, more than 5,000 images, mostly taken for the yearbook). Anyone who has a film scanner and an interest in scanning some of these, please drop me a line.
  • I’m looking for ideas. There’s a limit to how much time I can put into this effort. Any ideas, or any volunteers to help, are welcome.