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Could these guys be the cure for the common cold?

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

So, if research out of Carnegie-Mellon University has anything to say about it, it could be that renewing old friendships might keep the cold away???

A paper by Cohen, et al (”Social Integration and Health:  The Case of the Common Cold”) suggests that those who had few social roles were nearly twice as likely to contract a cold as those who had a high degree of social role diversity.  (

Look — there’s an actual bar graph.  So it must be science, and therefore true!

So maybe occasionally expanding your social role diversity by renewing acquaintances with old friends can keep you healthy?

If so (and the scientist part of me feels compelled to insert the disclaimer “it’s a BIG if”), then the picture below shows a little preventative medicine at work.

From left:  Dave Van Beek, Ozie Greene, Richard Nichols, Jerry Scheffler,
and some fat dude who wouldn’t get out of the picture…..

In case you don’t recognize anybody in the picture, or any of  the names, this is a statistically skewed sampling of the Mariner High class of 1976, seen at a recent “mini-reunion” (appropriate for a school that had mini-term, don’t you think?) at the Everett Mall Starbucks on March 3, 2009.  Notably absent are approx. 80 other members of our class who are on the mailing list, but weren’t able to attend.

(though, truth be told, if everybody had shown up I think we’d have had a problem fitting them into Starbucks)

A date has not yet been set for the next of our informal get togethers — but I am open to suggestions, and perfectly willing to announce similar events organized by others.

Now, if only diversity of social roles could stop male pattern baldness…..

Think spring!

User Friendly Reunion Photos

Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

No doubt about it, the blog format of this site is not always the best for showing some kinds of information.

Specifically, large collections of photos are a bit problematic, unless you’ve got lots of bandwidth.

So Kevin Hayes has graciously set up a photo album of reunion pictures at the following URL:

You’ll find all of the reunion pictures from this site — plus some that aren’t here. And Kevin also plans to put larger resolution versions of the pictures online as well.


the pictures keep rolling in

Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

John Ames was kind enough to send me some pictures from the Saturday gathering at Diamond Knot, which I’ve posted below.

Kelly Marx, Dave Losvar, and Dave Furnas

from left: Kelly Marx, Dave Losvar and Dave Furnas discuss weighty matters.

Jon Haugen and Shawn Hicks

Jon Haugen (l) and Shawn Hicks illustrate a strategically placed baseball cap can cover up the signs of age; oh, if it were only that simple for the rest of us!

Paul Novak and Principal Ames

Paul Novak greets Principal Ames (John’s dad) who dropped by to visit with the many Rose Hill Elementary alumni who attended the school when he was in charge.

Linda (Armstrong) Varner and Michele Waggoner

Linda (Armstrong) Varner and Michele Waggoner play another round of “hey! isn’t that ____ who just walked in the door?!?”

Paul Novak and Dave Van Beek

Paul Novak and Dave Van Beek exchange secret hand signs

one more group of pictures

Monday, July 17th, 2006

at least, til more show up in the mail.

By the way, am working on getting some decent album software up and running on the site, so that you can browse these more easily. Should have something (with a little help from Kevin Hayes) up in the next few days…

As before, you can add your own comment/caption!

Scott Butner and Natalie (Rarig) Turner

Picture 1

Keith Lawler, Dave Furnas and Bob Gell

Picture 2

Mike Conley

Picture 3

Julie Korzan

Picture 4

Sharon (Verg) Johnson and husband Max

Picture 4

reunion pictures — round two

Monday, July 17th, 2006

More pictures from Steve Conlon. Again, the captions have been left as an excercise for the reader.

To add a caption to these photos, click here.

Ozie Greene

Picture 1

Mike Conley and Steve Conlon

Picture 2

Kevin Turner (Natalie's Husband) and John Ames
Picture 3

Larry Hawk

Picture 4

Kathy Stormo and Paul Novak

Picture 5

Jerry Stetcher

Picture 6

reunion pictures — round one.

Monday, July 17th, 2006

Steve Conlon sent some great pictures from Saturday’s get-together at the Diamond Knot and from Sunday’s picnic.

I think I’ll let you guys write your own captions! (now, be nice…)

Hold your mouse over the photo to get some hints about who it is you’re looking at.

Add your own captions by referencing the picture number, and submitting it as a comment.

Dave Cernich and Julie Korzan

Picture 1

Paul NovakPicture 2

Dave FurnasPicture 3

Dave LosvarPicture 4

Kathy Stormo and Randy (Zimmerman) FurnasPicture 5

Rick Heppell and Kelly MarxPicture 6

Natalie (Rarig) TurnerPicture 7