A little self indulgence

Hey, it’s my web site, right?

I might as well have a page for showing off. :)

Seriously, when I hear from people who I went to school with, one of the first things I’m usually asked is: “do you still take pictures, Scott?”

Short answer — yep.

Longer answer — I took a long time off — nearly 20 years! — but have recently started picking up a camera again. These days, it’s mostly landscapes and scenery, and nothing horribly original. But I’m having fun, especially since most of the pictures are taken in the Yakima Canyon, where I indulge my other passion, fly fishing.

You can view more of my pictures at my Flickr photo sharing site:


Here’s some recent stuff:

Grain elevator near Washtuncna



Gorilla at Woodland Park Zoo (Seattle)