Mariner High School “Old Farts Weekend” Campout

In recent years, a few of us from the Mariner High Class of 1976 have held a little get-together on the Yakima River, which we affectionately dubbed “Old Farts Weekend.”

Anyone who can’t figure out why we’d call it that might want to check the birthdate on your driver’s license.  Like it or not, we’re OLD!

If you haven’t already read of the Old Farts weekends, you can read about them here or here.
As you can tell, in the past this trip has revolved around fishing.  Lately, the instigators have been thinking that the best part of the trip is always the time around the campfire, telling tales out of school, so to speak.

So this year, some changes are being proposed:

  • “Old Farts Weekend” will be a family-friendly no-host camp-out, fishing entirely optional.
  • We will move the venue to the Big Pines campground in the Ellensburg Canyon, approx. 16 mi south of Ellensburg on SR 821 (Canyon Road).  The campground has been recently renovated, and now has fire pits, nice quality pit toilets, paved roads, but still no running water.
  • It is open to anyone who graduated from Mariner High, but we are really looking for people who graduated during the 1970’s.
  • A pot luck dinner on Saturday night is about as organized as it will get.  No one is in charge, but I will be happy to get the ball rolling.
  • We are considering one of two weekends:  Saturday Sept 27 or Saturday, October 11.  If you have strong arguments for or against either date, please let me know.  A decision will be made before Labor Day.

For those of you considering it:  let me just say that there is something about a camp fire on a crisp evening, under a lot of stars, that makes retelling old stories just that much sweeter.  You need not be stuck in the past to enjoy revisiting it from time to time.

If you know of anyone who might want to attend, please forward this to them.  I’ve bcc’d everybody I know how to reach from the Class of 1976 (about 65 people) and a few friends from classes before and after.

Updates will be posted here.