New! Reunion Mailing List

In preparation for a planned 35th reunion in 2011, as well as to allow me to provide occasional  updates regarding news about our class, I’ve been maintaining a mailing list for the Mariner High School Class of 1976.  This is it.
The list below consists of the names (only!) of those for whom I have current email addresses and/or other contact information. I will use this list each time I make a mailing to the class. I do NOT make this list available to other organizations, firms or individuals.

If you’d like to be added or removed from this list, please contact me via e-mail. I’ll be happy to oblige. Likewise, if you want to provide me with updated information, send me an email.

NOTE:  Effective March 25, 2009, I have implemented a new option, allowing people to get the newsletters without being listed below.  If you wish to use this option, please read the administrative announcement.

If you are in touch with someone who might want to be added to the list, who is not already there, please take a moment to send them a link to this page.

If you see the name of someone you’d like to contact, please be advised that my policy is firm: I will forward your contact information to that person, and leave it to them whether or not they wish to share their contact information with you. Please do not ask me to provide you with e-mail for someone directly, as I feel this is a violation of the trust people have placed in me by sending their contact information.

Thanks so much,

Mariner High School Class of 1976

Active Mailing List (last updated 11/09/2010)

Rich Aaring
John Ames
Dave Austin
Sheila [Kennedy] Barker
Polly Bellemans-Leghorn
Vernita [Corbin] Benedict
Danny Bissell
Karen [Tokarsyck] Brittain
Scott Butner
Chris Carlson
Janet Carlson
Dave Cernich
Trula [Hagedorn] Cha
Billie [Alf] Clark

Mike Conley
Steve Conlon
Steve Credelle
Larry Crookes
Dave Dickson
Daneen Dustin
Chuck Emnott
Kim Fuller
Dave Furnas
Randy [Zimmerman] Furnas
Bob Gell
Arlene [Bopp] Gilleland
Rose [Rubatino] Goulet
Desta [Davis] Graham
Ozie Greene
Venecom Griffin
Judi Hallenbeck
Bethel [Davidson] Hart
Allen Hatchell
Lawrence Hawk
Sue [Locke] Hayden
Kevin Hayes
Rick Heppell
Shawn Hicks
Catherine [Brandenburg] High
Craig Hilt
Kathy [Beams] Hinderman
Sherryl [Conklin] Holeman
Hollis (”Holly”) Hope
Jessie Howards
Chris Huddleson
Allan Ice
Tammy [Wilde] Irelan
Judi [McBriar] Jimenez
Sharon [Verg] Johnson
Keith Knol
Julie Korzan
Carol [Boczonadi] Kroshus
Rob Kroshus
Jeff Kruse
Scott Larson
Keith Lawler
Donna [Lacy] Lemmon
Kim [Buchanan] Leonard
Zoe A Leonard
Sheryl Little
Keni [Curtice] Lodge
Dave Losvar
Darli Lund
Judy [Vaders] Lundgren

Sherri Malek
Dan McNutt
Terry McStott
Brad Meacham
Debbie [Curtis] Migues
Bev [Holley] Mitchell
Kathy [Collins] Morley
Madeline [Moynihan] Neff
Wade Nelson
Richard (Dick) Nichols
Paul Novack
Carole [Handy] Oare
Dawn [Redmond] Ocwieja
Randy Oliver
Alyce [Pendell] Neubauer
Donna Penz
Sandi [Pioli] Youngren
Ron Reis
Kristi [Holtgeerts] Rosenberger
Rick Schedin
Jerry Scheffler
Alise [Fliger] Schmitt
Mark Schwehm
Rick Seibold
Rich Sherlock
Marion Sogn
Jeanine [Flowers] Stanifer
Susan Stefanini
Connie [Morin] Strecker
Jerry Stetcher

Kathy Stormo-Caldwell
Kim [Koplitz] Summers
Kim [Turnupseed] Thompson
Tim Thorp
Mike Tolon
Dave VanBeek
Linda [Armstrong] Varner

James Walrath [Murphy]
Diane [Reed] Vorhees
Kip Ware
John Webber
Lesley White
Michele [Waggoner] Williams
Nancy Wiltse
Dick Wiltse
Jonette [Tiffany] Wiltse
Stewart Woods
Karen [Arnett] Zuvela